USANA Supplements - A Key Ingredient to a Healthy Lifestyle

I am really excited about a new Nutrition line called USANA. While visiting my relatives in Las Vegas, I was introduced to this "health science" line of products. I was given a few different items to try:

  • 5 days worth of vitamins from the "health pack" which is a very handy way to take vitamins. They come packed up in "morning" and "evening" packs and labeled as such, so you don't get confused whether you've taken them or not.
  • Several cans of the energy drink, Rev3 Energy. Love this energy drink! I do not take the standard energy drinks because of all the sugar and caffine, but this drink has none of that. It is very healthy, and gave me noticable energy without the jitters. 
  • Rev3 Energy Surge pack which is one of those small convenient packs you can pour directly into your bottle of water for a quick pick up. 
Every product I tried I LOVED! It led me to find out more about this company and ALL of their products. Now I have their skin-care line as well and more of the specialized Essentials to target particular parts of the body.

One product I am especially excited about is the Procosa II as it targets the skeleton / structural aspect of the body. It offers 2,000 mg of glucosamine sulfite, a dosage 33 percent higher than the indutry standard, for support and maintenance of healthy cartilage. This is especially of interest to me as I have recently gone back to a running program in hopes of doing a Triathalon next summer.

I will keep trying out the products and share my results. I am just happy I found them and look forward to enhancing my exercise routine with these powerful supplements! For more information click here.


Anonymous said...

WOW the wealth of information is great. USANNA sounds like a fantastic product line. Do you have a website where I can get many of the products you have talked about throughout your blog, including USANNA?

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